Vodafone Partner Market Agreement

By Mark, December 20, 2020

We work closely with our partners to provide calibration and opportunities, consumer marketing and branding projects, business improvement projects, consumer goods and services, commercial products and services, and technology projects. 18 May 2020, LONDON, UK – OPPO and Vodafone today announced a global partnership agreement that, from May 2020, will bring a wide range of OPPO smartphones to Vodafone`s European markets. Ahmed Essam, Vodafone Group`s Chief Commercial Operations and Strategy Officer, said: “The combination of OPPO`s state-of-the-art devices and Vodafone`s leading network will give our customers more choice with the full potential of 5G. Vodafone`s partnership with OPPO combines their attractive product range with our growing 5G strength for our markets across Europe and beyond. In the first phase of the cooperation, Vodafone will introduce OPPO products through retail channels in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the Netherlands. The two companies will jointly develop their global partnership and jointly develop the future availability of the OPPO range in Vodafone Vodafone markets announced a new partner market agreement with Telecom Argentina. As part of the non-equity agreement, Vodafone Telecom Argentina provides strategic advice and shares global best practices in a number of areas such as customer service and retail, technology, information technology and purchasing. Vodafone Group is mobile in 24 countries, operates with mobile networks in 41 other countries and in 19 markets with fixed lines. As of September 30, 2019, Vodafone Group had approximately 625 million mobile subscribers, 27 million fixed-speed customers and 22 million TV customers, including all of its customers in Vodafone`s joint ventures and associated businesses. For more information, see: www.vodafone.com. OPPO will first enter Vodafone`s European markets, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the Netherlands, and gradually through Vodafone channels. Over time, companies plan to expand their relationships to provide fixed and convergent services to businesses across Europe and beyond and to use their combined scale and management in 5G to ensure that their customers can benefit from the most modern gigabit networks.

Sunrise Communications Group AG (Sunrise) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich and is the leading challenger in the Swiss telecommunications market. Sunrise is the largest state-controlled telecommunications company in Switzerland and offers mobile, Internet, TV and fixed-line telephony services to private and professional customers. Diego Massidda, Chief Executive, Vodafone Partner Market This partnership allows Telecom Argentina to benefit from Vodafone`s international experience and expertise and access our company`s global products and services. I am pleased that telecommunications is coming to us as one of our partner markets and I look forward to our relationships developing in the years to come. Our global partnerships strengthen our customers through our three key areas, Solutions, Applied Knowledge and Scale, connecting more people around the world. Vodafone`s Markets partner team is working to forge strategic alliances with local operators around the world to market a range of global products and services that extend our reach to local markets. As the leading smartphone brand with an innovative product portfolio, advanced 5G technology know-how and an annual shipment of more than 100 million mobile phones, OPPO is a natural partner for Vodafone`s first gigabit network. Cooperation between the two companies will give consumers more choice and faster deployment of 5G in Vodafone`s international markets.