Revenue Sharing Agreement Clause

By Mark, December 16, 2020

PandaTip: Even with this clause, the instruction to consult a lawyer is still valid, because it is not decisive in itself. It always depends on the actual circumstances of the parties. FULL AGREEMENT. This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the parties and replaces all previous written or oral agreements relating to the purpose of this issue. THE REPRESENTATIVE`S RESPONSIBILITIES. In return for the profit-sharing granted, the representative performed the following tasks: PandaTip: This part of the incentive agreement is intended to protect the company from the representative acting illegally or in a prejudicial manner on his behalf. In other words, the representative must cover all costs related to legal actions arising from the misdiagnes of the representative. The representative refers to the company any other requests for the product; conducting research and other prospecting activities for potential clients; The email address cannot be subscribed. Please, do it again. The representative continues to obtain the share of profits from all current sales described in this sub-party, as a direct result of the agent`s efforts; PandaTip: This section may be adapted to reflect another provision, but in its current form, the representative is responsible for any fees that are not to be made for the required trip, unless he receives written confirmation from the company. PandaTip: The purpose of this sentence is to determine that a party holds the intellectual property rights to the product around which the activities will focus, which will be important in terms of the consequences of the termination of the relationship. . The agent must return or destroy all physical or digital copies of company-owned information, including (but not only) marketing materials, business plans, customer lists and price information.

Term. This agreement applies from the date of execution to the thirty (30) days after a written denunciation by one of the parties. “Profits” is defined as the lower selling price of the company`s potential expenses paid on behalf of the representative to promote the sale and costs of the products sold. THE EFFECT OF THE DISMISSAL. In case of termination under Section 1, expenses. The representative is not entitled to reimbursement of the costs, except for the fees previously approved in writing by the company. If the company requires a trip by the agent, the company reimburses the staff for these travel expenses, as well as the appropriate accommodation and meal costs, upon presentation of the proceeds of these expenses. Privacy. The agent must not, directly or indirectly, either directly or indirectly: PandaTip: This is important to maintain the consistency of the message conveyed to the client of the company by the agent.

Compensation. The representative undertakes to defend and compensate the company for and against any claim by third parties (or any other act likely to result in losses by the company) based on the violation of the law by the agents (a) of the violation of that law, (b) the violation of that agreement or (c) the violation of the rights of third parties. The fulfillment of other obligations and services that may be entrusted by the company to fulfill the objectives of this agreement in due course, place and place and in the manner deemed appropriate by the representative. SHARE OF PROFITS. The agent is entitled to [PERCENT] of the profits generated for the sale of the product that are a direct result of the representative`s efforts, taking into account the duties carried out there. Learn more about FindLaw`s newsletter, including our terms of use and privacy policies. To be considered the “direct result” of the agent`s efforts, the entire contact with a client that results in a sale must have been made by the agent.